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FlexIP-VOIP-2Need a way to streamline and upgrade your business communication services? We have the solution for you at FlexIP Solutions, Cleveland, Ohio’s premier communications service provider. Using a consultative approach we provide innovative solutions through our VoIP services. Our tailored approach means that your communication system will have a positive impact on your business creating new efficiencies no matter how big or small your organization

Here are some examples of how our services have helped our partners:

  • Up to 40% reduction on their phone bill.
  • 100% fully managed service, free your IT staff up to do more mission critical activities!
  • Scale your business quickly, we can add new users and features in minutes!
  • Our project management team works with you to ensure a minimal impact on business during your transition to a new system
  • Connect anywhere on any device! Your cell phone, laptop, or tablet can become your business line. Share your screen, hold video presentations, or do remote support using our screen grab technology!
  • Tailored solutions mean maximum value. Don’t pay for what you don’t use!
  • Consultative approach means we can discuss today’s technology trends with you and develop a strategy for your business to use them successfully.

If you’re not getting what you need out of your communications system give FlexIP Solutions a call for a free consultation.

Innovative Communication Solutions in Cleveland, OH

Once the heart of manufacturing in Ohio, Cleveland is now a revitalized city with the future in mind. Finance, technology, manufacturing, and the medical industries are now the “boom” industries in Northeast Ohio. FlexIP Solutions is right there to provide Northeast Ohio with the flexible and reliable communications solutions these industries need. We understand the challenges in these industries and have a track record of providing solutions to solve their unique business challenges.

Business Communication Solutions Simplified!

Is your Northeast Ohio business growing faster than anticipated? Are you looking to move into today’s technology and future proof your organization? Would you like to learn about migration paths from your current legacy equipment to today’s infrastructure?

Call 440 824 2600 today for your free consultation. Our team of convergence specialists can help educate you on today’s technology, best practices, and pitfalls.

What to Love About Cleveland

With the many demands placed on your time, you may not be able to really enjoy the things that you love doing in Cleveland. While attending to the needs of your business are certainly important, it is just as important that you rejuvenate yourself by recalling what you love about living here.

All work and no play will not make you or your business more productive. Allowing FlexIP Solutions to assist with your business communication needs will. So, take the time to do what you enjoy and leave your business communication needs in the hands of our experts.

Why not contact us today to discuss our many communication solutions and allow us to help move your business forward.


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