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Is your call center helping to create happy customers?
Do you need more control, better reports, and staffing flexibility?
Advanced features to improve customer service levels?

We can help.

Hosted Call Center Solutions from Telax

Flex IP’s MetaSwitch solution fully integrates with Telax’s Hosted Call Center for the Enterprise.Telax Call Center lets you get things done. This technology and our team take the day-to-day work of managing the contact center solution off your plate, so you can focus on your staff and customers. It’s the world’s easiest to use contact center management system. Ramp-up time is quick so your team can produce results immediately. Easily get reports and business intelligence on your contact center and business: actionable information for you and your executive team about your staff and customers. Our solution constantly evolves, just like your customers and business. New capabilities are released continually.

Benefits of Telax Call Center:

  • A customizable solution to meet your unique and evolving needs. One-size does NOT fit all!
  • We are accountable directly to you and responsive to all requests. Just ask our customers.
  • You can make changes in our administrator portal or request us to make them for you, both are quick and easy.
  • Scalability is built into our solution from the ground up. “Right-size” your operation, anytime.
  • Business intelligence is a key value that call center technology provides. This is our strong suit.
  • Agent training lasts twenty minutes. They love how easy it is to use!
  • No technical skills are needed to manage the platform. We can handle anything complex.

Looking for Call Center Reports?

Call Center reporting is critical to ensure agent productivity and your customer service level. We have the reports your looking for including:

  • Historic Call and Agent Summary Graphs and Reports
  • Call and Agent Detail Graphs and Reports
  • Wallboard Display for Realtime Monitoring

Want to see more of our reporting capabilities?
Download Our Telax Contact Center Reports PDF



The right communication to the right person at the right time, anywhere. Learn more about why this is the heart of your contact center, creating a better experience for your customers and greater efficiency for your team.



IVR became a dirty word when it was used to deflect calls instead of adding value. We work with you to provide not only the technology, but also best practices that will have your customers singing your IVR praises.



Delivering great service isn’t just about technology; it’s about your people and processes. You need tools to forecast your resources requirements and real-time and historical reports to ensure that your team is adhering to schedules.



Your CRM has a wealth of information that can help you provide great service. Delivering that information to your agents in real time puts them a step ahead and creates great customer experiences. The ability to automatically route callers to the last agent they spoke with improves service levels dramatically.



Flexible work locations aren’t a perk anymore, they’re an expectation. Whether from satellite offices or home offices, the ability to bring a distributed team together under one virtual roof creates numerous advantages to your team and business continuity plans.



Coaching and developing your team to represent your organization culture and brand are the heart of the service experience. You need the tools to support your quality processes: Tools that work because they are functional, complete, and easy to use.

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