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Hosted Voice Platform for the Enterprise

Powered by the industry-leading MetaSwitch platform, Meta-Flex service provided by Flex IP has the features your Enterprise business needs. There’s no need to suffer with performance threshold issues or scalability concerns from smaller VOIP providers. Meta-Flex service is built for the Enterprise on technology hardened by time and heavy use.

As a successful business, you strive for growth. You need a hosted voice platform that can grow with you. The Meta-Flex hosted platform was designed with enterprise-level scalability.

One of the benefits of a hosted voice solution is eliminating some of the physical risks associated with an on-premise PBX. Meta-Flex provides enterprise-level availability by offering redundancy in its applications, hardware and even regional geographic distribution to ensure service continuity.

Need a solution that doesn’t degrade in performance as you grow? Meta-Flex service was designed for high volume use. Keep your employees busy, not waiting on sluggish applications.

Not all service providers or voice solutions have the reputation for reliability required to satisfy an enterprise business. Meta-Flex service is built on top of industry leading voice technology provided by Metaswitch.

Hosted Voice Platform Features

Download our full list of Voice Platform Features

Definition of a logical Hosted IP PBX group for each Hosted IP PBX customer Each Business Group has
separately configured options and dialing plan.
Allows subscriber line to be assigned to a particular Business Group.
Customizable dialing plan per Business Group that encompasses abbreviated intra-Business Group calls,
external calls and feature access codes. For example, some dialing plans require the subscriber press “9”
for external calls; some assume “9”.
Distinguishes potentially conflicting dial plan entries based on dial string length. This allows easier
configuration of Business Group dialing codes that would otherwise conflict with, for example, the PSTN
numbering plan.
Permits dialing of intra-Business Group calls using dial codes of 1-7 digits (generally configured for 3 or 4
digits). The Business Group Dialing Plan may optionally allow access to non-Business Group lines using
Intercom Dialing.
Permits the use of short codes from 1-7 digits (generally configured for 3 or 4 digits) that are specific
to the Business Group, which can be used to access external numbers or as substitutes for standard
access codes.
Allows calls to or within a Business Group that are blocked, for example because the Business Group line
dialed is currently not in service, to be directed to a specific announcement.
Business Group lines can make calls to or receive calls from the PSTN without the intervention of
an attendant.
Identifies in the AMA CDRs the Business Group line that made a call outside the Business Group.
Different ring cadences for calls to a Business Group line from within the Business Group vs. external calls
from outside the Business Group.
Allows use of account codes that can be entered as part of the Business Group dialing plan. These account
codes are recorded in the AMA CDRs and are validated against the list of codes configured by the Business
Group administrator.
Allows user of a Business Group line to put a call on hold so that it can be retrieved at any other Business
Group line within the group.
Allows call to a Business Group line within a preconfigured call pickup group to be answered at any other
Business Group line within the call pickup group by dialing a feature code.
Allows user to answer any specific phone within a Business Group.
Allows calls to a Pilot Directory Number to be routed to a free line within the Hunt Group, based on one
of a number of algorithms including Round Robin, Longest Idle, Circular or Linear. Additionally, calls to a
busy line within the Hunt Group can optionally be handled in the same way as calls to the Pilot Directory
Number. When all lines are busy, incoming calls may be held in a queue.
A service provider can obtain statistics showing the performance of a MLHG and individual agents over an extended period of time, and make this information available to business customers.

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